The Largest Specialized Manufacturer of Water-Based Acrylic Resins (Solid, Emulsion, Solution, Rheology Modifier, Thickener, etc.) for Use in the Production of Flexo and Gravure Printing Inks as well as Overprinting Varnishes. Provides Different Acrylic Resins for Printing on Various Surfaces such  as Paper, Cardboard, Foil, Polymer Films, Wood and MDF Which Can Be Used in Pre-Printing and Post-Printing Processes.

Binders and additives for Water Based Printing Inks & Overprint Varnishes



• Solid Resins
• Styrene-acrylic hard resins
• Paper & Corrugated Board: Colloidal dispersions – R/C polymer emulsions
• Tissue: Polymer dispersions
• Films & Foils: Soft polymer emulsions, good adhesion on polyolefin & PVC/PS/PET
• Additives: rheology, viscosity & electrical conductivity

Architectural Coatings
Wood Finishes

Good Adhesion on Substrates
Heat Stability
High Gloss
Good Transfer